Threats to our freedom, right here at home

The Second Midwest National Security Conference is back with an expanded line-up of our Nations most knowledgeable experts in the field of National Security.

The 2019 conference contains presentations by national security experts that have been providing policy makers at the Federal and State levels with the critical information needed for correct situational awareness, threat analysis and identification of those interested in doing harm to the United States. 

This event will provide you with the ability to interface with like minded individuals and organizations that are involved in communication of critical information that you need to determine and direct correct public policy, develop proportional personal responses, and determine a long term strategy for the continuance of Liberty in the United States.

The Cost of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance”.  We were warned several hundred years ago that having a Republic that extends Liberty to the Citizens would not be easy.  Although Liberty has always had many enemies, our need to protect and preserve our Constitutional Republic from these forces is more important today than at any other in our lifetime.


For the last 100 years, Communists, Marxists, Islamists and other internal enemies have engaged in penetration, subversion, and influence operations that have effectively eroded American institutions and corrupted its culture, while breaking our society into warring fragments.  Our media and many politicians have conveniently dismissed, concealed, diverted and failed to report these intentional incursions to further their anti-Constitutional agendas.  If you have questions as to why the United States of America has turned away from Liberty and is running towards Socialism, then attend this Conference and get the answers to your questions.

 Whether you view the “Deep State,” Islam, Marxism, or any other ideology as our most significant threat, this conference will provide you with the factual information you need to protect and guide our Nation.

For 2019, we have divided the conference into two action packed days. The Conference opens both days at 8:30AM with registration and networking, 9:00AM conference start time, 4:00PM conference end times, and networking with exhibitors, speakers and attendees until 5:00PM. Your registration includes a light lunch.


2019 Midwest Security Conference schedule of events

Two days of the best experts in the national security field. Click here for the entire schedule of events.



Midwest Security Conference speakers

Featured speakers will include former officials from the White House, national intelligence agencies & other areas of law enforcement. 


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